FK Autoparts is one of the most reputed and reliable car service in Kuwait fast repairs and regular servicing is designed to ensure your safety. Our team of mechanics has experience with a huge variety of manufacturers and models, providing high-quality vehicle repairs, maintenance, and modifications for all types of vehicles. We provide a wide variety of auto repairs.

FK Autoparts offers a bunch of car service:

Battery Change

In addition to changing your battery, FK Autoparts will check that everything is functioning properly. We will take care of your car, so there is nothing for you to worry about. Wherever you are, we will come the battery and replace it!

Oil and Filter Change

Modern engines are built more compactly. They operate at greater temperatures and perform better with less. Putting pressure on it can hasten the oil's deterioration. As a result, there is metal-on-metal friction, which raises the possibility of untimely engine breakdowns. Even in extreme heat or cold, FK Autoparts offers the best protection for your car's engine. In order to make sure that your car is well-maintained, it is advised to test and change your oil relatively frequently. For reservations call 97743054 or 9793 0607

Professional Car Services

Discover the best auto repair services in Kuwait, providing the widest range of auto care, maintenance, and repair services. Our specialists have a lot of experience maintaining and repairing motors all over Kuwait and are relatively certified and licensed. You can count on FK Autoparts to offer cost-effective, high-quality car repair services. For all your automobile needs, we provide high-quality, professional products and services at great value.

Denting and Painting Services

Services for car denting and painting are our areas of expertise. Whether repairing little or major dents, our skilled professionals will assist in returning your paint to its original condition, feeling high quality and reasonably priced. We offer a variety of denting and painting services, such as vehicle bumper repair, car scratch repair, and painting on cars.

Car Wash

Basic wash package covers all the key areas you need to get the exterior of your vehicle cleaned quickly and effectively. Each service includes a pre-soak soap, to help get rid of dried dirt and grime, as well as an undercarriage pre-rinse to disperse road debris.

Suspension & Steering Service

Regular inspections, routine care, and front-end alignment procedures will improve your car's performance and smooth out your ride. Despite how simple it may seem, when you turn the wheel, a lot happens between your steering and the car. This complex system requires several different actions in order to function properly. Nowadays, almost all cars come equipped with power steering, but if the system malfunctions, it might be problematic. Examples of typical steering and suspension services include wheel alignments, shock and strut repair, and front-end or rear suspension repair.

Air Conditioning Service

When your car's air conditioning systems repair coolant leaks. This leak is not harmful to the environment, but it can also be serious for your vehicle. Having your air conditioner repaired at the first sign will help you save money but also time. Hurry to the FK Autoparts before further losses occur Place. We have certified technicians to manage your AC services.


Regular monitoring of vehicle brakes are important as this ensures your safety and that of your passengers. Several signals indicate that your brakes need special attention. At FK Autoparts, we are pioneers in the field of low-cost brake service providers.

Lights, Wipers & Accessories

Improve your vision while driving and stay safe on the road by replacing your wiper blades regularly. In hot, rainy weather, cheap wiper blades can quickly deteriorate. Instead, get quality headlights, windshield wipers and other accessories at affordable prices at FK Autoparts. Everything from the biggest to the smallest, we take care of everything with complete care of the car.

More Specialized Car Services

FK Autoparts offers high quality maintenance and repair services for batteries, tires, drive systems, and tors. In addition to this, we offer services such as clutch repair, exhaust and tuning service, and repairs in one. We diagnose the problem carefully and don't tell you the problem, but we tell you what we intend to completely fix so that you can enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.

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