Is it time to replace my brakes? Let’s find out!

While driving, your car may make lots of noises. Squealing from the front end, however, should never be ignored since it could be a sign that your brakes need replacing.

Assuming that our cars are in good condition and will work when needed, we take them for granted. There are times when you turn on your headlights, press your brake pedal and change gear without thinking about it; but when it comes to brake parts, it's essential that you pay attention to and react to the warning signs.

What Should I Do If My Front End Squeals?

Do you occasionally hear squealing or screeching while driving? Has this noise become more frequent, especially during braking? A car might make this noise and it could be the first indication that your brakes need replacing.

Having the right brake pads in your car is essential. In order to detect low batteries, these devices are equipped with an audible alarm. Shims are small pieces of metal used as indicators.

The shim on the brake pad will become exposed when the rubber on the pad wears down, enabling the metal brake disc to rub on it during braking. A squealing sound is caused by the shim rubbing on the disc, so you probably need new brakes.

Don't worry if that sounds like the noise your car is making, but you're not certain, you can check your brake pads without removing the wheels. Between the calipers and the brake disc, you should be able to see the rubber brake pads through the spokes.

Between the metal base of the brake pad and the brake disc, there should be at least a quarter-inch of rubber.

Scored Brake Discs

It's time to check your brake discs for signs of wear if you weren't able to see your brake pads clearly.

Be sure there are no scorings (circular cut marks) on your brake discs, as these signifies that the brake pads' rubber has been nearly destroyed.

It is likely that you heard the front-end noise change from a high-pitched squeal to grinding or growling if the brake discs have been scored. It is the result of two metal pieces grinding against each other when braking.

It is possible that you felt some vibrations through the steering wheel or brake pedal if your brakes have reached this stage. Compared to metal and rubber, metal on metal doesn't stop you very well.

Ignoring these warning signs is dangerous, not just for you, but also for others. You can request a free brake inspection from most good garages and they'll advise you on what needs to be done.

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